[Jobs] Linux-related job openings in Winnipeg

Jonathan Byrne jonathan at yamame.org
Wed Mar 3 17:20:37 CST 2004


My company (based in Los Angeles, California) will be opening our Canadian 
office in Winnipeg this spring, and we have some technical job openings to 
fill, as follows:

1) People to write spam filters.  Relevant background includes Perl, general 
*nix (Linux-centric) experience.  Good grasp of Perl regexes a strong plus, 
but if you don't know, we'll teach you.  Postmaster experience, especially if 
it was at an ISP, is very helpful.  Successful candidates for this position 
will be brought to our headquarters in LA to train with our team here, then 
return to Winnipeg to take up their posts.

2) I believe there may also be some NOC/sysadmin positions as well, but I'm 
not in that department and don't have the information ready at hand, however, 
a background in *nix system administration and Cisco/Juniper would fill the 

If you are interested in either of the above, please respond off-list (I am 
not subscribed) with your resume and a brief cover email and I will get it in 
the right hands.  Plain text format is preferred for resumes, but I will also 
accept PDF, HTML (good clean HTML, not MS-style), OpenOffice.org (.sxw), or 
the .doc format commonly associated with a certain other operating system.

Contact address: jonathan at yamame dot org.


Jonathan Byrne

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