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Yuri Ivanov izvozchik1 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 11 11:57:58 CST 2005


If your company needs an IT professional with 
UNIX/C++/Java/database/large application experience 
my brief resume is attached. 

I can work as a application or database programmer, developer, 
application or systems support specialist, etc.

The detailed resume is here: 

Thanks for your time,

Yuriy Ivanov

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		Yuriy Ivanov

	Telephone:    (204) 981-4057
	E-mail:  izvozchik1 at yahoo.com
53-45 Weatherstone Place Winnipeg MB R2J 2S9


Software Development
- UNIX, financial, and real-time database applications

Platforms and Operating Systems
- Ultra Enterprise 3000 SPARC server, SPARC server 20, Sun Ultra 10, 
  Sun Fire 480R, Sun Blade 150, Sun Solaris; SGI station, IRIX
- Intel PC, MS Windows XP/2000/NT

Languages and Tools
- C/C++ (Sun CC/cc, SGI cc, g++/gcc), X Window System, IPC; UNIX
  Borland C++ 4.x-5.x; OOP
- Java, JDBC, Java Beans; Perl
- RDBMS: Sybase, Oracle SQL*Plus, Oracle PL/SQL

Short Experience
- J2EE, JSP, servlets, JavaScript, CGI, Linux, Knoppix; firewalls
- Visual Basic 5, Borland Pascal 4.x, Matlab, Maple; NUnit
- COBOL, DCL, VAX 6310 mainframe, VMS 6.0


August 2000 - present
Bank of Montreal
Developer. Responsibilities: development, implementation, and 
modification of programs, scripts, reports, and stored procedures 
for real-time trading system. Projects:
- GUI and financial calculations for futures, options on futures 
  and bonds; multi trade transactions; broker commissions; 
  risk management system; back office documents, advices, and 
  auditing reports; 
- users access control system
- accounting rules and amortization calculations in General Ledger
Tools: C++, IPC, X Window System/Open Windows libraries; 
Rogue Wave API, including Tools.h+ and DBTools.h+; Infinity API, 
including Fin++; Presenter GUI libraries; Sybase Open Client 
Developer’s Kit; UNIX shells; Perl; Java, JDBC, 
LPC Java class libraries, JNI; Sybase; SQL; Rational ClearCase, 
DDTS, and Purify; Orbix; Tcl; ODBC, MS Access; FrameMaker;
Hummingbird Exceed.

July 1997 - July 2000
Star Data Systems Inc. Markham. Ontario.
Programmer/Analyst. Responsibilities included
- development of client-server programs in C/Java 
  (TCP/UDP sockets, IPC) for news transfer;
- development of programs and scripts in C/UNIX for COMTEX, 
  Canadian Press, Dow Jones, First Call, Reuters and other news 
  services: back end applications for StarQuote;
- Solaris system administrating; database administrating: 
  FairCom database platform.


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