[Jobs] Looking for a python programmer with web (xhtml & css) skills

Kevin J. Smith hockeysk8 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 22:59:56 CDT 2007


I have previously posted on Craigslist for a python programmer but didn't
get much of a response.  Therefore I thought I might scare up some more
people on this list.  My apologies to anyone who thinks this isn't an
appropriate place to post for a Python programmer.

I am looking for someone that is proficient in python and web development
technologies such as xhtml, css, and javascript. You should have a good
grasp of object oriented design and some understanding of HTTP. You will be
revising an already completed web application that is built atop a python
web development framework similar to Django (it is an inhouse framework that
I intend to release as open source once it is mature enough to avoid
ridicule!) The code needs to be ported due to changes in the underlying
framework and the fairly inefficient way that it was originally coded. You
will have to change a number of pages from some very old crufty nested
tables to css driven layout.

If you are interested please reply to me personally with your experience and
expected compensation.  There is somewhere between 2 weeks and a month's
worth of work.

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