[Muug] Looking for MUUG Lines Back-issues

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Wed Oct 30 19:44:28 CST 2002

Calling all MUUG members who were around in the mid-90's:  We're looking for
paper copies of some of the back-issues of the MUUG Lines newsletter which
we appear to be missing.  Our goal is to eventually have a complete
collection of back-issues available online for downloading.  We've already
had success in locating many back-issues, and have produced PDF files out of
some of these by scanning the pages in and running them through OCR software.

However, we're still missing the following issues:

May 1994
Jun 1994
Nov 1994
Dec 1994
Jan 1995
Feb 1995
Dec 1995
Jan 1996
Feb 1996

If you were a MUUG member during that time, and have kept back-issues of
MUUG Lines, please look for these.  If you have them, please let us know,
so we can arrange to borrow them from you for scanning.  Your help in
completing our collection would be most appreciated.

Gilbert E. Detillieux		E-mail: <gedetil at muug.mb.ca>
Manitoba UNIX User Group	Web:	http://www.muug.mb.ca/
PO Box 130 St-Boniface		Phone: (204)474-8161
Winnipeg MB CANADA  R2H 3B4	Fax:   (204)474-7609

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