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Mon Feb 11 11:54:03 CST 2013

It is with great sadness that I report that Doug Shewfelt passed away 
Sunday morning of a massive heart attack around 11:00am.  Doug's passing 
was very quick and very quiet.

Funeral arrangements are being made by the family.  Details are not yet 
known, but the funeral will most likely take place in Manitou, MB, where 
Doug grew up, and where his mother still lives.  (This will probably 
happen later this week.)  I'll pass further information along when I 
have it.

Doug was a fellow student with me, in the University of Manitoba's 
Computer Science Honours program, from 1979 to 1983.  He then went on to 
work in IT for the City of Winnipeg, where he continued to work until 
this last weekend.  He also went back to University, to obtain MSc and 
MBA degrees.  He was active in the Manitoba UNIX User Group for over 20 
years, and served as treasurer for most of that time.  His "tech" 
interests also included amateur radio.

His areas of interest were almost as numerous as his many circles of 
friends, who will greatly miss his endless curiosity, love of learning, 
generosity, and wonderfully quirky sense of humour.

Farewell, Doug.  Your 51 years on Earth ended far too soon!

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