[Muug] Reminder: MUUG Online Meeting, Tonight, Dec 8, 7:30pm -- cal(1), Extended Round-Table & Show-and-Tell

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Tue Dec 8 13:53:24 CST 2020

A reminder that the MUUG online meeting will be on Jitsi this evening...

The Manitoba UNIX User Group (MUUG) will be holding its next monthly
meeting online, on Tuesday, December 8th, at 7:30pm:

    Extended Round-Table and Show-and-Tell

    We have a tradition of making the December meeting more of an
    informal, social gathering. This year, because we're meeting
    online, we've had to let go of some of the traditional aspects of
    this year-end meeting (like food), but we'll try to keep some.

    *Show us your favourite gadget!* As part of an extended round-table
    discussion, we'll try to keep the gadget show-and-tell. (This
    year, you don't have to haul it to the meeting site, but it will
    have to be small enough to show on your webcam!) If you have a
    cool device, something unusual, whether brand new or ready for the
    museum, there will be an opportunity to show it off.

    RTFM: cal(1) - A Histori-cal Look at Calendar Reform

    As part of the September 2016 meeting, we looked at cal(1),
    and its ilk (ncal and gcal), mostly from a utilitarian
    point of view. This time, we'll look at some of the historical
    development of this command, as well as some strange quirks of
    calendar reform. Why was the year 2000 a leap year, but 1900
    wasn't? (At least for most of the world.) Why was 1700 a leap year
    in many Protestant countries, but not in Roman Catholic ones? What
    was going on in 1752 for England and her colonies? Gilbert
    Detillieux will answer these questions, as we delve into the
    politics and religion involved in calendar reform.

	Join the meeting:  https://jitsi.merlin.mb.ca/muug.2020.12

    Winnipeg Harvest

    We won't be able to collect food and cash donations this year, but
    please remember that the needs for some may be greater than usual.
    We encourage you to donate to Winnipeg Harvest, or your
    favourite local charity.


The group holds its meetings at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of every 
month from September to June.  (There are no meetings in July and 
August.) Meetings are open to the general public; you don't have to be a 
MUUG member to attend.

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their web server:


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