[RndTbl] Lost KDE

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Wed Dec 5 12:01:11 CST 2001

According to author:
> I made a big mistake in Red Hat 7.1 KDE.
> Just to see what it looked like, I chose
> Twm as the window manager. Primative or
> what! Nothing there! And I can't get KDE
> back! I've messed with /root/.Xclients.default
> and /etc/sysconfig/desktop but nothing good
> happens. In Slackware all I'd have to do would
> be run xwmconfig on the command line, but
> Red Hat has its own unique ways that I do not
> understand. Can anyone tell me how to get
> KDE back?

You don't say what your /etc/sysconfig/desktop file currently contains.
Here's the code in /etc/X11/prefdm that makes use of it...

if [ -f /etc/sysconfig/desktop ]; then
        source /etc/sysconfig/desktop >/dev/null 2>&1
        if [ "$DESKTOP" = GNOME ]; then
        elif [ "$DESKTOP" = "KDE" -o "$DESKTOP" = "KDE1" -o "$DESKTOP" = "KDE2" ]; then
        elif [ "$DESKTOP" = AnotherLevel ] ; then

So, to restore KDE, I think all you'd need to do is edit the file
/etc/sysconfig/desktop so it contains a line like this:


(Or use KDE1 or KDE2, as appropriate.  I'm not sure what the differences
there are.)

If the problem isn't here, then you'd have to dig in deeper, by finding what
user-specific startup files got changed when you selected twm as the window
manager.  It should be safe enough to just delete the file(s) in question,
and let the previous defaults take effect.

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