[RndTbl] Kguitar installs.

Daniel Christle dragon at alcazarsys.com
Sun Dec 23 12:13:35 CST 2001

On Sun, Dec 23, 2001 at 11:45:15AM -0600, author wrote:
> I must have had too much 'egg-nog' when
> last I tried to install Kquitar, because today,
> December 23, it installed with no trouble
> after I made the soft link:
> /usr/lib/ln -s qt-2.3.0 qt2

You got me motivated to install Kguitar, however I am running into a
different problem. Perhaps you may know the answer. I am using the rpm
release and when I go to install it I get the following error:

	error: failed dependencies:
        libGLcore.so.1   is needed by kguitar-0.4-1

Any ideas on how to solve this? I am using RH7.2.

Thank you,

Daniel Christle

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