[RndTbl] Tape Backup Software, comments.

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Fri Oct 19 16:37:50 CDT 2001

According to Brock Wolfe:
> I am looking for Linux tape back-up software for a small network of mixed OS
> PC's. I have looked at Amanada, Arkeia, and Tolis BRU. I am especially
> looking for support for HP "One Button Disaster Recovery" (OBDR), and 
> centralized network backup. I have followed the Amanda mailing list and
> have feel for it's use.  Are there any pros/cons to Arkeia and BRU ?

For the sake of those not as familiar with Amanda, I'd suggest that it's not
an appropriate solution in this case.  Amanda is geared primarily to doing
backups of UNIX systems (including Linux, of course).  It can be coerced to
do backups of MS-Windows systems with some effort (using SMB client support
on a UNIX host to access the Windows files), but recovery from such backups
would be tricky - they'll be in GNU tar format.  (I'm not sure what the
precise definition of OBDR is, but I doubt this qualifies.)

I have no experience with Arkeia or BRU, unfortunately.  Anyone?

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