[RndTbl] 2 HDs and a CD-rom

millward millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Sat Aug 17 08:35:29 CDT 2002

I was wondering, is there an ideal way to
configure a system with two IDE hard drives and
a generic read-only CD-rom ?
I read somewhere that the 
CD-rom had to be a primary slave for
it to boot properly. Is this true?
I plan to spread one Linux installation over
both hard drives. Its a P133 and the hard drives
are both 540 megs. 
And one more question.
The CD-rom in the system above is really just
for installing Linux. After that I plan on removing it.
Would removing the CD-rom 'confuse' Linux and
screw things up or will the boot up proceedure
recognize the new configuration?

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