[RndTbl] extra roundtable meetings / kppp grief

Ian Timshel itschaotic at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 11 10:41:29 CST 2002

Hi all.
Thanks Shawn for putting out the effort to present the Gentoo introduction 
last night. 

I live an hour south of Winnipeg so it's not an easy jaunt to come in to 
another meeting.. it's not even easy to come in once a month...heh  I'd 
like to see this list forum used more, but it seems that most take those 
energies elsewhere.  If I was closer I'd certainly benefit from more 
contact with you guys.

kppp trouble:

I run a Redhat 7.2 box with the Redhat 2.4.9-34 kernel with:
Qt: 2.3.2
KDE: 2.2.2-3
KPPP: 2.0.9

Duron 1.2 
384 megs RAM 

I am having some trouble with kppp.  At least I think so... It is growing 
in it's memory use and eventually causing me to have to shut it down.  
However I'd love to learn to be able to prove such a thing.  I can't keep 
this machine up for more than a couple weeks without trouble.  I ask these 
questions to attempt to correct this.  The problems probably haven't shown 
up until now because I am stuck on a dial up and only recently got a 
dedicated dial-up line... even that sucks, but that's what I get for living 
in the bush.. heh.

I yanked out kdenetwork-ppp-2.2.2-2
and reinstalled this kppp containing rpm but that didn't change the fact 
that when I start kppp and connect with it, its resident memory size is 
about 10700k, and several hours later it has more than doubled to 25000k.  
Granted... I don't know if this is normal, but other programs don't seem to 
do this... I don't know what the memory size is after a couple of weeks, or 
even days as I just noticed this yesterday.

Obviously I'm grasping at straws here to try and stabilise this box 
further.  I've been monitoring with "ps aux" and periodically have to "kill 
-9" to some lame process or other but other than that I can't see any other 
misbehaviour that would cause the stability to deteriorate.   No doubt 
there are a gazillion other possibilities.

Could someone suggest an approach for tracing or fixing this problem.  I 
could work up a script to connect to my isp instead of using kppp as I have 
done in the past but I'd like to know how to rectify this problem 

Any suggestions would be very welcome.   

Cheers!  Ian. 

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