[RndTbl] Gnome = Microsoft? (no)

Kevin McGregor kmcgregor at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 2 11:05:17 CST 2002

Just to clarify the clarification :-) Gnome will NOT be based on 
Microsoft .Net software. Gnome will be changed to use the .Net 
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) eventually (if all goes to 
plan), but it will not need .Net since the Gnome people are working on 
an open-source IMPLEMENTATION of the .Net APIs, called 'Mono'. So, it 
will all be open-source, but it will be compatible with Microsoft's .Net.

Does this clear things up?

Corrections to the above are appreciated.

author wrote:

> I read that Gnome will now be based
> on Microsoft .Net software.
> How can you have an free opensource
> OS with Microsoft code in it?
> Gnome used to claim that they were
> 'cleaner' than KDE because Gnome 
> had nothing to do with any for-profit
> company. Now Gnome says using MS
> code is just fine. I don't want 
> any MS code in my Linux box! Can
> we get Red Hat to kick Gnome out
> of the distribution? That is, if
> AOL doesn't buy Red Hat.
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