[RndTbl] Partitioning (again)

Raymond J. Henry rayhenry at nashmet.com
Tue Feb 5 11:05:40 CST 2002

OK, I've wandered about the Web, and read what I could find about
partitioning. I don't know if I'm too stupid or what, but I still can't
decide how to partition my drive. Perhaps someone could be kind enough to at
least give me some pointers in "Linux Partitioning For Dummies" format.....

I'm going to be running a 20 GIG drive. The system will be used for a Web
server. At this time, DNS, mail, and Apache will all be run off the same
machine. As time passes and my level of Linux knowledge grows, more machines
will be added to distribute load. For now, concern is not running out of
room on any one partition. Being new to this, I have no idea how much room
anything requires.

Right now, I've just got / and the swap partition. I'd like to make multiple
partitions, and play with disk quotas. I suspect I'll be supporting about
6 - 8 small domains on this system, with say a dozen mail users on each

Here's the goods on the box:
Duron 850
512 MEGs RAM
RedHat 7.1 (with Apache, PHP, MYSQL, sendmail, DNS, etc.).

Hopefully someone can give me some ideas that will make a light go

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