[RndTbl] Re: Roundtable digest, Vol 1 #153 - Work as a Linux Software Developer in Winnipeg?

Mike Pfaiffer mike at digitalcivilization.ca
Tue Nov 26 17:29:06 CST 2002

Dwight wilkins wrote:
>    I'd guess there are at least a few members looking for work, myself 
> included.  Would there be any interest in a member's resume link on the 
> muug page?  To keep it simple we could just have it go to a list of 
> links to a resume board (i.e. monster).
>    Suggestions / comments?

	My comment is a big "Maybe". We might end up with more spam and 
telemarketers than job offers. I don't think any of the executive want 
to volunteer to act as go-betweens for us. It is a good idea though. If 
people knew there were *NIX people available and at various levels of 
skill they might make use of us as a resource.


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