[RndTbl] Benchmark times for the python language.

Tim Lavoie tlavoie at acm.org
Thu Apr 10 02:27:05 CDT 2003

>>>>> "Ihor" == Ihor Jakowec <ihor at autobahn.mb.ca> writes:

    Ihor>    During last night's meeting a question was raised about
    Ihor> benchmarks for the python language, or how fast it is
    Ihor> relative to other computer languages.  Since I am a computer
    Ihor> language buff, I will attempt to give a more informative
    Ihor> answer to this question, (to augment and correct my
    Ihor> utterance of last evening).

Just for fun, I re-coded your Python version as Common Lisp, and ran
the basic C and Python-only versions for comparison. Note that if you
grok the syntax OK, the Lisp one is about as concise and legible as
the Python, or at least, not nearly as painful to read as the
C. Quicker to write too, I bet.  <grin>

By the way, your benchmark is about as Python-unfriendly as it could
be, being calculation-intensive with lots of function calls. Many
real-world apps easily fall into the "fast enough" category with
little work.

Anyway, here's the code and times on my system. Oh yeah, I just dumped
it out to standard output, so I'd add a couple lines for real file


;;;;;;;;;;;;;; table.lisp, using SBCL ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

(defun hstry (hs)
  (let ((length 0)
	(height hs))
    (loop while (> hs 1) do
	  (if (= (mod hs 2) 0)
	      (setf hs (/ hs 2))
		(setf hs (+ (* 3 hs) 1))
		(if (> hs height)
		    (setf height hs))))
	  (setf length (1+ length)))
    (values length height)))

(defun hsdisp (maxTry)
  (let ((hs 0)
	(hsMaxLength 0)
	(hsMaxHeight 0)
	(hsML '())
	(hsMH '()))
    (loop while (< hs maxtry) do
	  (setf hs (1+ hs))
	  (multiple-value-bind (l h) (hstry hs)
	    (if (> l hsMaxLength)
		  (setf hsMaxLength l)
		  (push (list hs hsMaxLength) hsML)))
	    (if (> h hsMaxHeight)
		  (setf hsMaxHeight h)
		  (push (list hs hsMaxHeight) hsMH)))))

    (format t "~10,A ~10,A~%" "hs" "length maxima")
    (dolist (x (reverse hsML))
      (format t "~{~10,d ~}~%" x))
    (format t "~%~%~10,A ~10,A~%" "hs" "height maxima")
    (dolist (x (reverse hsMH))
      (format t "~{~10,d ~}~%" x))


C: table.c 

real    0m0.134s
user    0m0.128s
sys     0m0.002s

python2.2: table.py 

real    0m21.171s
user    0m20.237s
sys     0m0.022s

python2.3: table.py 

real    0m15.826s
user    0m14.756s
sys     0m0.021s

sbcl: table.lisp

real    0m2.868s
user    0m2.259s
sys     0m0.001s

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