[RndTbl] Objective C presentation?

millward millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Sat Apr 12 09:00:13 CDT 2003

Now that Apple is using Unix as a basis for its OS/X,
I was wondering if anyone could be found to do
a presentation on the Objective C programming
language? Apple used to push it and Obj. C is
on most ( or used to be ) Linux distributions.
I've never met anyone who programs in it.
It would be interesting to hear from someone who
knows the language.
Obj.C is close enough to what I know to learn 
with no big effort and it's OO and it's fast.
 New stuff like Python I'll leave to the new generation.
Besides, (PICTURE this ) I'm expecting COBOL to make 
a big come back sometime this century. :)

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