[RndTbl] RealWorldLinux discount code

bill traynor btraynor at linux.ca
Tue Apr 15 12:41:51 CDT 2003

For anyone that's attending the paid portion of the RealWorldLinux 
Conference www.realworldlinux.com in Toronto on April 28-30th.  Here is 
the code ( GROUP CODE A100 for CLUE) you can use to receive a 10% 
discount on paid attendance.  Note that attendance to the Exhibition 
Floor is Free, but only if you preregister.

CLUE Booth Volunteers:
For any volunteer that only requires Exhibition Floor access during show 
hours, can you  just register as a normal trade show visitor on the 
regular secure site at: https://www.exporeg.com/realworldlinux/ Trade 
show only registration is free until April 25th.

Following registration, email Bill Thanis billt at ss.org and he will put 
you on the schedule.  Note, by emailing Bill Thanis, you are in effect 
volunteering to work in the CLUE Booth.  Responsibilities are your 
standard type: answering questions, handing out flyers (if we have any), 

Bill Traynor
CLUE guy.

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