[RndTbl] keyring drive

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Mon Apr 28 11:20:04 CDT 2003

According to millward:
> Has anyone successfully used a
> keyring drive ( those little things with
> flash memory and USB connectors )
> with Linux?
> I'm told you can use them on any system,
> but 'any system' usually means any
> MS Windows system. 

I've used one successfully under Linux.  With the 2.4 kernel's USB support,
it really is plug-n-play.  The device shows up as a SCSI disk, with a single
partition containing a FAT32 file system.

I just used the mtools to access the files, but you could probably set it up
to auto-mount the file system without too much difficulty.  The danger there
would be that you could accidentally unplug the thing without properly
unmounting it first.  We've had students wanting to use these on our lab
systems, so we recommended they use mtools (to avoid the mounting issues).

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