[RndTbl] Sendmail stalls with BCC

Raymond J. Henry rayhenry at nashmet.com
Wed Apr 30 15:57:25 CDT 2003

OK, running RH 7.1 with sendmail 8.11.6. I've done all the applicable
updates using up2date. Just today, I notice that I am no longer able to send
mail via POP or IMAP when the BCC field is used. From the Windows
workstation, it appears to start sending, then stalls. No errors are
reported, it just sits there forever. This happens with Outlook Express 6
and Outlook 2000.

Not sure exactly when this problem originated, but it's been in the last
week or so. A search for this problem on the Internet reveals no clues, nor
can I find anything applicable on the sendmail docs. It was working, then
stopped. I want to sound like a typical end user, and say that "nothing's
changed", but I think something must have.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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