[RndTbl] CD, VCD & DVD Burning

Tim Lavoie tim at fractaldragon.net
Wed Dec 3 01:09:50 CST 2003

>>>>> "John" == John Lange <john.lange at bighostbox.com> writes:

    John> At a recent MUUG meeting someone was asking about burning
    John> VCDs (Video CDs). I believe the consensus at the meeting was
    John> that burning under Linux was comprised of a hodge-podge of
    John> various command line tools for converting video formats and
    John> burning making it quite difficult at best.

    John> I recently stumbled on the following software:

    John> http://www.k3b.org/

    John> which seems to bring everything under one roof and claims to
    John> do CD, VCD, and DVD burning all in one application (it does
    John> not appear to be just a GUI front end to command line
    John> tools).

    John> However, I do not currently have a burner to test it with so
    John> I was hoping someone from the group could give it a whirl
    John> and report back on success?

Hey John,

I just have a regular CD burner, so I grabbed a few commercials in
MPEG format, and tried out the VCD creation. I'm completely winging
it, having just bought the DVD player a couple days ago, but the
process seems to work OK. It helps to have some CD-RWs around to
experiment, so you can just do a quick blank and try something else.

The K3B program does call others as well, such as cdrecord and cdrdao,
and it expects (or at least hopes) to be able to run some of them as
SUID root. It does handle the permissions setup for you though, which
would be handy for the Linux newbies.

The interface is very pretty, but seems functional enough. Probably
typical for KDE, I'm not sure.

Debian (testing) has packages for K3D and those programs it depends
on, so installation was trivial as usual. What else? I dunno, I'll
probably use it again.


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