[RndTbl] CD, VCD & DVD Burning

Tim Lavoie tlavoie at acm.org
Wed Dec 3 13:18:56 CST 2003

>>>>> "John" == John Lange <john.lange at bighostbox.com> writes:

    John> Thanks very much for your assessment Tim.  Its too bad that
    John> it still tries to use all those command line tools as so
    John> many of them are buggy, out-of-date and/or unsupported. It
    John> also means you have to chase down dozens of add-on files if
    John> you want to burn anything. Now that I know this I'm far less
    John> tempted to get a new burner and give it a try.

    John> Hopefully they have done a good job on improving the GUI.

    John> Thanks for your insight.

Hey John,

Many of the command-line tools *are* the standard way of doing it, and
work fine wrapped in a gui tool. The GUI front-end is just personal
preference, and having a command-line program in the back-end is much
like having it embedded in a library. Except of course, you can't
easily type a command to a library to get something done.

In the same vein, cdparanoia rips audio tracks, lame or oggenc
compress them again, and do their jobs well. I use grip to wrap these
things, but it makes sense that different people do the part which
interests them. Think of it as the natural Unix Way. Do not fight it,

Anyway, if the tools themselves are reasonably up-to-date, as most
should be, then a decent package-management tool should ease the
process of getting the pieces you need. Which distribution are you using?


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