[RndTbl] LCD Monitors

Mel Seder melseder at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 18 14:03:09 CDT 2003

This is a two part question.  Help on either or both will be

I have a ViewSonic P 801 (non LCD 21" monster,  weights lots).

For the past week or so the screen blooms (not all content shows on
screen some of the graphics are off the edges and it Is so dim you can
harley read it.  The Monitors input box is very very blurry. 
Explaining his to a Viewsonic help desk guy he said I have a monitor
issue and it's probably not worth fixing.

I'd like to get a LCD I was at future shop and saw several there the
one that caught my eye was a 19" Sony.

I use Linux.  Does anyone has some thoughts or advice about LCD

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