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Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Wed Jun 18 15:28:56 CDT 2003

Since LCD's are pretty much a fixed resolution (they can run smaller
generally, but they just stretch things), getting the exact config for
XFree can sometimes be a pain, but once you do that, it should just work.

We have bought a few LCD's for work and generally we buy the Samsung's.
They are very nice and relatively cheap. I have heard good things about
the LG's too, and they are even cheaper.

I recently read a review that placed the Sharp LCD's above almost
everything, but I haven't actually seen one.


> This is a two part question.  Help on either or both will be
> appreciated.
> I have a ViewSonic P 801 (non LCD 21" monster,  weights lots).
> For the past week or so the screen blooms (not all content shows on
> screen some of the graphics are off the edges and it Is so dim you can
> harley read it.  The Monitors input box is very very blurry.
> Explaining his to a Viewsonic help desk guy he said I have a monitor
> issue and it's probably not worth fixing.
> I'd like to get a LCD I was at future shop and saw several there the one
> that caught my eye was a 19" Sony.
> I use Linux.  Does anyone has some thoughts or advice about LCD
> displays?
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