[RndTbl] burning a DVD with xcdroast

Mel Seder melseder at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 22:06:50 CDT 2004

I am reading through documentation I found in


It says 
 Make sure you have a kernel version 2.4.x or higher. (you can test
this with the command uname -a). Next, download the appropiate binary
of cdrecord-ProDVD for your system from:


For current linux distributions this would be the binary that ends in
-i586-pc-linux-gnu, e.g. cdrecord-prodvd-2.01a12-i586-pc-linux-gnu

What you downloaded is a binary, that means, it can directly be used.
So, copy it to the xcdroast-bin directory (mostly
/usr/lib/xcdroast-0.98/bin or /usr/local/lib/xcdroast-0.98/bin). Name
it "cdrecord.prodvd". (I spent 2 hours of error tracking because I
renamed it to "cdrecord-prodvd", what is wrong!) Call chmod 755
cdrecord.prodvd to make it executable.

uname -a returned the following for me:

Linux p4 2.4.22-1.2174.nptl #1 Wed Feb 18 16:38:32 EST 2004 i686 i686
i386 GNU/Linux

the above was on one line but Yahoo Mail's word wrap forced 
"i386 GNU/Linux" to be on a seperate line.

Im running an Intel P4 and going to
provides me with a list of files.  My best guess for the file to
download is
I was hoping to find a 2.4 in the file name but...  Can anyone tell me
if that is the correct file?

Is there perhaps a newer/other program that has DVD burning built right
in to the application?

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