[RndTbl] cable modem activity

John Lange john.lange at bighostbox.com
Wed Apr 21 16:29:10 CDT 2004

Slackware has "netwatch" which is basically a "top" for network
connections. I haven't used it much but it potentially really useful.

Home page here: http://www.slctech.org/~mackay/netwatch.html

Not sure if it ships with other distributions. (does not come with

Also, proftpd now has a "ftptop" which does that for FTP connections.

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On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 14:11, Mel Seder wrote:
> I left the computer on and went for lunch.  The computer wasn't doing anything
> that used the modem and I had no scheduled jobs.
> When I came back from lunch the cable model was going at full blast.
> Is there a command or something I can do to see what processes are running
> instead of just shutting down the computer?
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