[RndTbl] Nvidia video card drivers & DVD

Dan & Michele ve4drk at mts.net
Wed Apr 21 17:24:45 CDT 2004

Although I don't necessarily agree with having to patch the kernels with 
libraries or object files (source is much preferred, but sometimes you 
have no choice) ... there is generally nothing wrong with building your 
own kernels ... once you do it a couple of times, it's old hat ... while 
i was working on some usb video drivers a while back, I'd be compiling a 
kernel every day .. at that point, it's a lot easier though as very 
little has changed elsewhere in the src tree.  As for using redhat 
kernels .. well ... it all depends on what your purpose is .. if  you're 
not that too sure about it, then maybe stick with what they have 
provided for you -- probably safer that way.
For watching videos (dvd, mpeg, etc) on your linux box .. I'd use 
mplayer .. quite good.


millward wrote:

>I'm running Red Hat 9.0.
>My video card is an Nvidia FX5200 128 DDR.
>XFree86 sees it as a generic FX.
>Is that good enough to view DVD movies with?
>I just bought a CD-RW/DVD-ROM for that 
>specific purpose.
>Will I have to install the Nvidia driver file:
>NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run  or
>is the XFree86 generic driver good enough?
>  I'd hate to have to install that NVIDIA driver
>since it demands I patch the kernel. I hate
>messing with kernels. Something always goes
>very wrong when I touch a kernel.
>    Any advice would me most welcome!
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