[RndTbl] Resizing XP NTFS partitions

Glen Ditchfield gjditchfield at acm.org
Mon Apr 26 12:08:10 CDT 2004

I have a Windows XP machine, and I want to add SuSE 9.0.  I want to cut the 
existing 39GB NTFS partition in half to make room.  SuSE's installer tries, 
but brings up a dialog box saying that due to limitations of the software, 
the file system can only be shrunk by up to 3584 MB, and advises me to run a 
disk defragmentation program under Windows to move the used blocks toward the 
start of the partition.  If I use the installer CD in rescue mode and try 
ntfsresize, it comes up with the same numbers.

The Windows XP defragmenter shows the last half of the partition as being 
free.  If I run it repeatedly, it claims to be compacting the same set of 
files over and over, but SuSE's "3584MB" number doesn't change.

Some web searching turns up suggestions that XP's NTFS is different from 
earlier NTFS.  Can ntfsresize really shrink the partition by more than 

Is Partition Magic my only hope?

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