[RndTbl] Print Accounting Software

Scott Wellman wellmans at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 9 10:46:08 CST 2004

Hello Everyone,

I would really appreciate any advice or recommendations regarding a printing issue I am dealing with. 

The situation is this; I work at the University of Manitoba and every year we have a huge number of new and repeat students. Additionally, the demands for our printing resources are high. 

What I am looking for is a print accounting package that would run preferably on either OpenBSD or Fedora. Some of the features that would be helpful are:

1. Support for Linux, Mac OSX, and windows workstations
2. Some type of charging system for each page the student prints. For example, 10 cents a page
3. Web interface for management purposes

Once again, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Happy holidays

Scott Wellman
University of Manitoba

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