[RndTbl] Tip in the newsletter (fedora updates)

Gilles Detillieux grdetil at scrc.umanitoba.ca
Mon Feb 9 17:06:40 CST 2004

According to Gilbert E. Detillieux:
> Why's that?  Well, I noticed a lot of hits to my fedora-updates.html article
> on the web server were coming from Google searches.  I ran a Google search
> for the string "fedora updates" myself, and found that my article was ranked
> in second place, behind the updates page on the official Fedora Project web
> site!  Yikes!  Open the floodgates!

You don't suppose your article has been "Google-bombed"?

You may want to add a link or so from your article to the list of other
mirror sites.  Also, if the MUUG web site really does get overloaded,
you could also add a note pleading for mercy, and urging visitors to
pick an appropriate mirror site for their location.  Don't wait till it
gets too desparate, though, because once a large number of people have
your web site configured into their yum.conf, they may not get around
to changing it later unless things get really, really slow for them
(and everyone else).

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