[RndTbl] Casting Call For 2004 Expo

Doug Machan smugly at another-realm.com
Wed Feb 18 17:01:20 CST 2004

Greeting Fellow Open Source Users

The 2004 regina open source expo http://www.reginaopensourceexpo.org/ is fast
approaching this May 7th and 8th. This is a chance to show off your knowledge
and talent in the computer world. We need Presenters for the up and coming
show.  Help spread the word of open source and help people free themselves
from the bonds of of software slavery.

The Friday presentations are focused on the business community. So we  have
picked topics for the business world.


Where would business be on the Internet without this. If you have working
knowledge of how to set up on-line store fronts, this would be for you. Share
your knowledge with thousands.

Developing on Linux

If your a software developer this is the presentation for you. Business's need
to have software designed around their business, Come talk about how open
source works for them.

File Services & Network Monitoring

The heart beat of any computer system. The modern office can't live without
files services. Along with that We need to monitor the networks to stop
problems from happening. If your got experience with these come share your

Data Bases

If Data Bases are your forte, Then We need you wisdom here. 

Word Processing

Where would the business world be with the mighty word processor. We all know
what is the king out there. Come talk about the prince of word processing that
soon will be King.

Spread Sheets

If word processing is king then Spread Sheets are Queen of business. Show off
your expertise on What is known as the back bone of business.

On the Saturday the focus is on the home user. Yes this is for beginners.

Now where should we start...

Lets show people how easy it is to install on their home computer.

The HOW-TO of installing linux.

We have all done this before. Now it is time to show off how easy it is for
the common Man, or Woman to install the best damn operating system in the world.

Introduction to Web Browsers

What is the Internet without these must have apps. We need some one with the
skills to install and configure plug ins. If you have the Coolest Tricked out
web browsers then this is the chance to share your knowledge with the world.

Introduction to E-Mail

The Killer Application of the Internet. Who doesn't have E-mail...  We need
some one that is familiar with the E-mail clients and how to configure them.

Introduction to Chat Programs

Communication is king on the Internet. Chat programs are one of the hot items
of the Internet. If you have spent hours and hours and hours chatting to
people all over the world. Come share your knowledge

Introductions into Music Programs

With the advent of P2P programs Everyone now stock piles music on their
computers. If your the King DJ. We need your knowledge. Come show the world
the latest in technology to get the hip back into your hop

Introduction to CD Burning

What is all that music if you don't burn it to a CD and play it. Along with
music we use CD's for storage and back ups. Come show Us how it is all done.

Introduction into Graphics Editors

With Digital camera's we all are storing more and more pics on our computers.
Show off your artistic side with taking the head off your uncle Floyd and
putting on your favorite super model. Skills we all wish we had but need the
know how of an expert like yourself.

All this presentations should be about 30 Min's presenting and a 15 Min's Q/A
after. Come out and support your open source community and lets make the 2004
expo a jewel in your Crown.

If you have a idea or would like to make a presentation on something open
source related please email me and we will fit you into the event.

Doug Machan
ICQ 2991144
smugly at another-realm.com

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