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Mike Pfaiffer mike at digitalcivilization.ca
Mon Jul 12 13:45:43 CDT 2004

	Looks like we are having troubles in Japan. This means I'll be putting the 
magazine together for the next little while. If anybody wants to write an 
article or three we could certainly use the help. As I said in the meetings 
we can't pay for them (we don't make enough from subscriptions and sales for 
that). However, if we get some articles I can make a couple hand labeled 
copies of the CD available as door prizes in September. A fair trade?

	We are willing to accept articles on anything computer related as long as it 
will not get us in trouble and is not directly Windows related (as long as 
other examples are included there shouldn't be much of a problem). Source 
code is OK too as long as it is yours and you discuss what it does - perhaps 
in the context of how to write a program. I'm a bit more easy going compared 
to our regular editor. ;-)

	Anyhow... The deadline for the September issue is the 28'th of July. We were 
planning on eventually releasing a hardcopy issue, so we have a months lead 
time... In the mean time there are previews (my stuff) for the January to 
August issues on the Digital Civilization web site for free. I'll be putting 
the issues I work on up there as well. E-mail any submissions to me and we'll 
see what can be done from there.


P.S. Free art work is OK too as long as you did it.

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