[RndTbl] Alternative to Outlook?

John Lange john.lange at bighostbox.com
Thu Mar 4 09:30:20 CST 2004

I apologize for being a bit off topic here... But, I'm trying to setup a
new PC for my father's business.

Even though I use 100% linux desktops on all of my own PCs I decided to
install WindowsXP on his machine. He has one of those "all-in-one"
printer, scanner, fax units and also uses a software/voice-modem
combination as an answering machine, neither of which are workable under

That being said, I want to use StarOffice instead of OfficeXP. No
problem, it installs and works great!

But here is the question; for other people who have done this, what do
you use as a replacement for Outlook's Calendar/Scheduler functions?

I can use any one of Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail, Eudora for email but
none of them have a Calendar (am I missing something?).

I thought of just buying Outlook2003 but it's $110.00US (according to
the MS web site) !!! OfficeXP Standard edition (which includes Outlook)
is $530.00! (at Staples)

Its really too bad there isn't a version of Evolution for Windows
because it would be perfect.

I'm not interested in over-kill either (Act, Lotus Notes etc). Just a
Calendar. If it also works as an email solution that's fine but I don't
need it to wash dishes and vacuum the carpet.

It does NOT have to be free software. I'm willing to pay for the right

Suggestions anyone?

John Lange
(204) 885 0872

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