[RndTbl] CIPS March Dinner - Linux in the WorkPlace- March 16th

John Lange john.lange at bighostbox.com
Mon Mar 8 11:07:29 CST 2004

Many MUUG members are already aware of Scott Balneaves's tremendous
accomplishments in the area of Linux thin clients. If any of you would
like to know more, Scott and James Ramsay will be presenting their
solution at this month's CIPS dinner.

Details below:

Linux in the Workplace : A local real world story

If you are like most IT professionals, you are under tremendous pressure
to lower the cost of your business technology infrastructure, without
lowering your service levels. 

The cost of desktop, and edge computing may represent one of the largest
parts of your I.T. budget, and yet it seems like fixed cost with no
alternative. You have probably noticed the not so quiet revolution
happening around Linux and Open Source technology. You may have even
considered exploring it further to see if it really represents a viable
alternative in your technology environment. 

Legal Aid Manitoba faced the same challenges, and tackled them early
with a bold step into the Linux and Open Source world. Over the past
decade, Legal Aide has deployed Linux , and Open Source software in an
effort to reduce the cost of computing. Join James Ramsay, Director,
Systems and Technology and Scott Balneaves, System Administrator, as
they discuss how they are using Linux and Open Source technologies, and
the issues they encountered in their deployment.

Legal Aid Manitoba will share their experience implementing a Linux and
Open source infrastructure including Linux Thin Clients using Linux
Terminal Servers.

Come and hear the role Linux can play from top to bottom in your
organization, and listen to a local colleague detail a real-life example
of deploying Linux from servers to the desktop in a medium size
organization. Your are sure to be enlightened!

Liberty, Freedom, Some Good Fun, all at a lower cost
All the details in the attached PDF.

John Lange
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