[RndTbl] VMware Offer - some background info...

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Fri Mar 12 11:38:49 CST 2004

Someone pointed out that we didn't really say what VMware was, how much it
cost, etc...  Oops, sorry!...  Our bad!  The notice in the newsletter was
rather brief, only quoting the pertinent details of the original e-mail
notice we got from VMware.  In my last e-mail, I should have quoted the
entire original offer, rather than just the newsletter's brief notice.

Anyway, we had a MUUG meeting presentation on VMware some time ago, but
neweer members wouldn't have been privvy to that...


Briefly, VMware is a complete virtual machine environment (with emulation
at the hardware level), which permits you to run multiple guest operating
systems, each in their own virtual machine.  You can, for example, try out
new versions of Linux as guest OS's, while still running your more stable
version as the host OS.  It's also got some nice features for software
developers/testers to use.  There are versions available for both Linux and
Windows (NT/2000/XP) host OS's.

There is a web site for VMware (www.vmware.com), where you can find out
more, as well as obtain a free 30-day trial license and download the full-
featured program.  (The trial license has no restrictions other than a
time limit, as far as I remember.)

You can also get all the pricing information online at the VMware Store,
accessible from their main web site.  (Though I had trouble accessing it
from my Mozilla browser, and had to resort to MS IE.  Arg!  YMMV.)
The price is $299 US for the download distribution of VMware Workstation.
A $100 US rebate does make for a significant discount on that, and may make
it more attractive to some.

Hope this helps clear up the confusion.

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