[RndTbl] Bittorrent and Shaw

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Sun Nov 7 22:57:38 CST 2004

I started downloading FreeBSD last night and it started off _really_ 
slow (25KB/s), but by this morning it was done (and I had uploaded 
nearly 17GB). This was not on Shaw, but just pointing out that the 
torrents for FreeBSD may not have been seeded well yet.

I haven't really downloaded much via Bittorrent on Shaw, but a friend 
does and he hasn't noticed any changes, mind you he has the Extreme 


On 7-Nov-04, at 10:18 PM, Kevin McGregor wrote:

> About a week ago I downloaded Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire 
> using BitTorrent, and I got a personal record download speed: around 
> 490 KB/s near the end of the download. Mind you, there were around 
> 3000 seeds. Last night I started downloading FreeBSD 5.3 and was 
> getting around 50 KB/s, but I don't know how many seeds there were 
> (presumably far fewer).
> Does anyone else have anecdotal evidence for us?
> Shawn Wallbridge wrote:
>> It appears that Shaw may be starting to throttle Bittorrent traffic 
>> on their network....
>> http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/56419
>> shawn
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