[RndTbl] X client for older Mac

Mike Pfaiffer mike at digitalcivilization.ca
Mon Nov 15 23:19:35 CST 2004

 I'm messing around with networking and I found a couple of interesting things 
when connecting two Linux boxes together. I can ssh into one box and run a 
graphic program on it. I try this on an M$ box and System 8 Mac and no go. It 
says I need an X client. I gather from what I heard in the meetings Cygwin 
(however it's spelled) is the one for M$. From what I read the best (only) 
free alternative for the Mac is MI/X. The problem with MI/X is they don't 
support it any more and their ftp site does not allow access even though it 
is made available in their /pub area. Does anybody have a better 
recommendation for the Mac?


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