[RndTbl] Virtual daomains & majordomo

Raymond J. Henry rayhenry at nashmet.com
Wed Nov 17 08:11:25 CST 2004

Been there, done that. Now I'm looking for something that details it, as
I'm unable to make mine work by hacking the examples there.

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According to Raymond J. Henry:
> Can anyone point me towards documentation for running majordomo on 
> multiple domains that's written for real idiots? I've blundered 
> through all the documentation I've found, and was unable to make it 
> work. I've always given up in the past, but now I think I'd really 
> like to get it going...
> My RedHat 7.1 box has a handful of domains and virtual domains that 
> I'd like the option of getting majordomo to work on for each 
> domain/virtual domain that reflect the correct domain name.

I just did a Google search on "majordomo" and "virtual domains" and this
came up at the top of the list...


Not a lot of detail to the documentation, but the example files they
provide will hopefully help you in your setup.

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