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Fri Nov 19 17:51:05 CST 2004

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> From: "Leslee Seder" <lseder at hotmail.com>
> Date: November 19, 2004 12:52:27 PM GMT-06:00
> To: lseder at hotmail.com
> Subject: Mel Seder
> Hi,
> I'm writing this email of behalf of the Seder family. My father Mel 
> Seder passed away on November 9th 2004 at ~9:30 pm. He was out that 
> evening with a very close friend at a party for Sam Katz. My dad went 
> to the washroom just before heading home & collapsed. The paramedics 
> were unable to revive him. My dad did not suffer & for those of you 
> who knew him, that's the way he would have wanted it. My dad was ill 
> over the last few years & was given a diagnosis of PPH ( primary 
> pulmonary hypertension ) on October 18, 2004. They estimated a 
> prognosis of 2 - 5 years, unfortunately he was taken from us sooner. 
> Mel will be missed by all.
> Leslee Seder
> P.S: I found your address in his yahoo account . If you know of anyone 
> else that would want this information please forward this message on 
> to them. Thanks ......

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