[RndTbl] Shell programming question

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Sat Apr 2 15:11:36 CST 2005

 I'm playing around with a little program called Zenity. It is a simple way to 
call up dialog boxes from a shell script. I've been able to produce a couple 
of simple examples with just an OK box. There are more complicated examples 
I'd like to try (this is going into some articles in Call-A.P.P.L.E.). The 
thing is Zenity can return values to the calling script. I'd like to know how 
to read these values...

 I have done a bit of research. The UNIX textbook I was using at university 
was written around the csh and didn't really have the information I wanted in 
a location I could find easily (although I could swear it was there when I 
took the course a little over 10 years ago). I looked at the man pages for 
Zenity and BASH. I also looked at several examples in the /etc directory 
(obviously unsuccessfully). I'll admit to being an airhead occasionally, but 
this is a really simple problem. Simple problems are the worst ones to 
solve. :-(


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