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Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Wed Apr 13 23:03:18 CDT 2005

On April 13, 2005 04:23 pm, Gilbert E. Detillieux wrote this amazing epistle:
> According to Mike Pfaiffer:
> >  A followup to the idea of how the brain interprets what it sees. After
> > the meeting someone brought up the idea of 3D surds (sorry I can't
> > remember your name). A surd is a random small thing. In this context, a
> > series of random pixels used to produce a 3D image. The first use of
> > surds I encountered was in a different context.
> Actually, I think that's supposed to be SIRDS, an acronym for Single-Image
> Random-Dot Stereogram.  (You leave the final S even in the singular form,
> since it's part of the acronym.)

 You could be correct. I thought it was a spelling mistake when I saw it.

> http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/~etzpc/sirds.html
> A Google search for "surd" brought up a few rather different definitions,
> which I leave as an exercise for the sufficiently curious...  :)

 I think this is one of the ones I was talking about. I knew my degree in 
Psychology might have a use one day. ;-)

> >  I might submit ASCII line printer art might, to a small extent, fit in
> > with the concept of 3D images. Mostly in terms of the illusion of depth
> > and perspective rather than from the point of view of Gilberts
> > presentation. Although oddly enough I saw an image intended for an inkjet
> > printer with the red-cyan ink combined with ASCII art. I could be wrong,
> > but I think there is a *NIX program which would produce this from older
> > ASCII art.
> While researching 3D imaging and stereoscopy a few months ago, I had
> stumbled on some examples of 3D ASCII art, but these were either stereo
> pairs or of the stereogram variety (like random-dot stereograms, but with
> repeating patterns of ASCII characters).  I hadn't come across any ASCII
> art anaglyphs yet.  Do you happen to remember where you had found that?

 This was indeed the anaglyphs. I only saw two of them but didn't have the 3D 
glasses to view them at the time (15 years ago). I think they were in an 
alt.binaries.pictures newsgroup. I only saw two of them. They were "dense" 
ones and not the ones which resemble line art. I'll eventually go through the 
pictures I downloaded from the net while I was a student and see if I can 
find them. If I can I'll send them to you. Don't count on it very soon 
though. If the floppies haven't gone bad, I should still have them.


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