[RndTbl] MTS DSL Speeds

Sean sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Mon Apr 18 13:46:25 CDT 2005

Trevor Cordes wrote:
> AFAIK the _upload_ speeds for all the services are identical, and quite
> slow.  I looked into this a while back and the only way to get better
> upload speed and lower latency is to get Shaw Extreme.  I've been
> extremely pleased with Extreme, especially when both sides are using it.

DSL+PPPoE will unfortunately always have latency issues.
DSL is a lot more fragile than cable (in terms of interference).

I've seen that with Shaw 'normal' the latency is inversely proportional 
to the rate of upload and this disappeared with just switching to the 
Extreme service.  I would pay a little more if I could get more than 
1Mbps upstream though (high downstream is nice but only if your usage is 
one way).

P.S. I don't work for Shaw, nor MTS (at least not any more).

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