[RndTbl] MTS DSL Speeds

Colin Stanners colin at ninja.ca
Mon Apr 18 14:31:09 CDT 2005

> I'm curious what the theoretical upload speeds are for each level? If
> anyone is actually using these services, what is the "real" upload
> speeds you get?

Their 'light speed" service (128Kbit/sec down) is limited to 64kbits or 128kbits up (I think 64).

For their standard speed service(1.5Mbit down , up from 1.0 a while ago)
the upload speed, last time I was with them, was limited at exactly 320kbit/sec.
(note: a friend with an older house and crappy wiring was getting about half that
upload speed, but near-full download speeds. I pulled cat5e straight from the MTS demarc
point all the way to his DSL modem, and put in one filter at the demarc point to prevent
the signal going anywhere else inside his house. He got full speeds after that.)

Both those speeds were constant and easily attainable, and "hard" (e.g. no temporary
overspeeding / n-second average thing)

I don't have experience with their "Lightning Speed" service. I imagine it would be limited
to 512, 640 or 768kbit/sec.


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