[RndTbl] Envelope Printing under Linux

John Lange john.lange at open-it.ca
Mon May 2 15:20:22 CDT 2005

One of the things that still manages to frustrate me on a regular basis
is printing under Linux.

I have notice some dramatic improvements recently, especially with HP
now releasing their own Linux drivers for all of their printers and KDE
& CUPS focusing on bringing it all together.

But I still run into problems from time to time.

Today, I think I have run the same envelope through by 2 HP printers at
least 40 times to no avail. I simply can not get an envelope to print.

Printers I've tried are:

HP Photosmart 7760
HP Deskjet 830C

Tried printing from OpenOffice 1.1.4 and kGhostscript.

In OpenOffice I did "Insert >> Envelope" and entered the information and
it makes a nice envelope on screen. Great, now if I could only mail my
monitor everything would be wonderful.

On the other hand, when I print it the printer stops saying "Paper too
small". If I put in a sheet of 8.5x11 it prints it fine and in the
proper orientation.

I have tried every conceivable combination of settings in OO and the
printer settings themselves. Paper is set to DL, landscape/portrait
everything I could think of but it always does the same thing.

Finally I tried exporting it to a PDF and printing that but got the
exact same results.

No matter what I do it will not print the envelope. It seems the
printers are expecting the paper to be full size which leads me to
believe the settings are not being passed from the software to the

If there is some magic to this please let me know.

P.S. I used to have an HP Laser 4MP which has Postscript built in and it
was the only thing that I ever got to print an envelope under Linux.

John Lange
President OpenIT ltd. www.Open-IT.ca (204) 885 0872
VoIP, Web services, Linux Consulting, Server Co-Location

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