[RndTbl] NetBSD on a Mac 8500

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Wed May 11 12:30:59 CDT 2005

 Good presentation by Kevin last night BTW.

 Now for the question. I want to set up NetBSD on a Mac 8500 (PPC 603) with 
accelerator card. I have two, two gigabyte harddrives. Some large amount of 
RAM above what is required. I want to put NetBSD on the machine just to say I 
have done it and to have it act as a low volume server (mostly so I can 
experiment with the differences between BSD and Linux). The instructions I 
found on the NetBSD page explain how to make a dual boot system. I'm not 
interested in dual booting. I want this machine to boot only into NetBSD. 
Before the meeting last night we were discussing how to install NetBSD on 
this machine without the dual boot option. I thought it might be useful to 
ask how this can be done simply. If this works, I may be able to pass along 
this knowledge to three other people who are considering this for their older 

 Best start from step one. I haven't downloaded it yet.


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