[RndTbl] WRT54G kewlness

Dan Keizer ve4drk at gmail.com
Wed May 25 23:08:08 CDT 2005

Ramblings for the day ... I recall there being some discussions on the
list about this device and looked into it a bit more and was quite
impressed.  It beat my old pc firewall and uses less power (and
decibels) to boot (less power is good with my machines) ...

Just picked up one of these babies (BestBuy $90 or some such) .. sweat deal ...
Actually, it's a WRT54GS (speedy software thingy, ugh) .. but .. has
twice the memory!

So, starting to sniff around the net and find out more ... man, is
there more ...
http://openwrt.org/ .. main site of stuff ...
http://www.wrt54g.com/ .. another site ...
http://www.sveasoft.com/ ... 

Thinking that most asterisk guys are on this list too ... how to put
asterisk on your WRT54G!

Naturally, extending this into the asterisk world, and me being a ham
radio operator, the thought crosses my mind about utilizing asterisk
for repeater interoperation ... a quick google and it's already been


The kewl things you can do with this device just amazes me ... 

Just havin' fun ...


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