[RndTbl] Linux Summer Camp in Winnipeg for High Schoolers

Stuart Williams swilliams at cmu.ca
Mon May 30 11:34:36 CDT 2005

I'm running a Linux Summer Camp for high school students.  I would
love your help in two respects:

1. Help spread the word, to high school students who would be
interested in learning more about Linux and computer programming, or
to people such as high school teachers who could pass along the

2. Give me ideas or offers for field trips or guest speakers.  Do any
of you who have access to interesting computing installations
(hardware or software) want to give a tour to 10 to 20 high schoolers
who might be going into our field?  Do any of you have a strong
interest in doing some sort of demo during the camp?  The tentative
schedule for the week is full and includes one field-trip slot, but
I'm still planning and I'm open to suggestions.

I'll include a URL to the information page below, but here's some more
background information in case you're curious.

The camp is at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg (in the old
School for the Deaf at Grant Ave. and Shaftesbury Blvd.) where I teach
Computer Science part-time (consulting the other part).  It's open to
students entering grades 10, 11 and 12.  The University is Mennonite
in the religious sense, but the camp is open to anyone, i.e. any or no
religion is fine.

Last summer I focussed on installing and configuring Linux and there
were 8 campers.  This summer will be more focussed on programming, but
still on Linux and with a significant amount of Linux focus.  The
programming will be in Python -- the same language we use to teach
first-year Computer Science students.

Of last year's 8 attendees, 7 (so far) are planning to return, so I
think the camp last summer was a success.  This boosts my confidence
that this summer will also be a satisfying experience for the

It's an overnight camp including food and lodging and with planned
evening activities.

The URL for camp information is http://www.cmu.ca/computercamp and
includes a short outline of tentative topics.

Stuart Williams

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