[RndTbl] SE linux

Dan & Michele ve4drk at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 5 11:03:23 CST 2005

If you're so inclined, I'd check out OpenBSD.  3.8 came out recently.



Dan Martin wrote:

> Working on a new FC 4 system with SE linux installed - tried to 
> migrate a script to rc.local while running another linux, found there 
> was no rc.local file, just a link to a database.
> Other than that, is SE Linux likely to cause me trouble?  I understand 
> that it's easier to uninstall if you don't want it, than it is to try 
> to install later if you do want it.
> The system will be the firewall for my home network.  Later on it will 
> be used as a server (web, ftp and other).
> Is SE linux worth whatever trouble it might be?

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