[RndTbl] Making a DVD with opensource

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Thu Nov 10 13:38:14 CST 2005

On November 10, 2005 10:48 am, Montana Quiring wrote this amazing epistle:
> Glad I could help. The webpage was a real savior for me.

 I want to try multiple videos next then menus.

> I shoud be able to make the next MUUG meeting, and perhaps we can swap tips
> on what we've learned.

 No problem. B.D. was mentioning he has experience with it as well. He has an 
experience (which I thought was cool) with aspect ratios.

> I've been playing around with menu's and am learning what can/can't be
> done.

 Have you figured out multiple language streams yet? My friend with the camera 
wants to do something for a couple of clubs he belongs to.

> -Montana Quiring 
> P.S. I'm the guy in his 30's with glasses and long curly hair that dresses
> in black.

 This describes more than a few people there. ;-)

 Then again I'm in my 40's with glasses, a beard, and balding straight hair. 
This ALSO describes a substantial part of the group. ;-)

> I've only been to a couple MUUG meetings, but I'm really enjoying 
> it and plan to become a member.

 It's interesting. You learn new things each time the group meets. For newbies 
it takes a while. I would have been lost at Tuesdays presentation if it were 
my first meeting. As those who were there and recognise me would attest, I 
actually participated with a reasonable amount of accuracy for someone who 
has never actually done anything like this. It's cool to get into the mind 
set of a professional in the area. Even if it is once per month.


P.S. The Call-A.P.P.L.E. site (below) is being reorganised. We are looking to 
become an archive site too. So far we have a bunch of legacy stuff (Apple 
1, //, and ///). We are slowly moving up to older Mac software (System 6 - 
9). In a few months we are going to put up some OS X stuff. Bill (the guy 
running the show), wants to put up some *NIX stuff too. I have some Zenity 
shell scripts as samples. I'm thinking about writing a shell script which 
will tie the tools for creating DVDs together and submitting that. As long as 
I'm not interrupted (I've never had that kind of luck) it should take a 
couple of weeks. I'm part way through a shell script for videotrans 
(movie-to-dvd) if anybody wants to help (perhaps translating it to C or use 
of a better dialogue box interface than Zenity). OTOH, if anybody wants to 
contribute (freeware, shareware, P.D., etc.) to the C.A. library they should 
go to the site and contact Bill.

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