[RndTbl] eth0 doesn't work.... no matter what

Sean A. Walberg sean at ertw.com
Fri Nov 11 09:42:00 CST 2005

My firewall (FC1) had a 3COM 3c900B and a 3c905b, the former being the
outside interface and only running at 10/half.  I was seeing collisions
that were making my VoIP run poorly, so I decided to swap it out with
another 3c905b.  And, for some reason, mii-tool reported eth0 as always
having no link status, the interface never showed as RUNNING, and I had
to ifconfig eth0 UP manually all the time, but it worked.

I replaced the 900b with the 905 and it didn't work.  The interface
showed up and was detected, but I couldn't get a DHCP address.  Kudzu
found it though.

Long story short, I even went so far as replacing both cards with intel
e100s, but the same behaviour was seen for the card in eth0.  No link,
no DHCP, -UP -RUNNING.  No matter which card was eth0, no matter which
interrupt I had it on.

Finally, I put 3 NICs in and am running off of eth1/eth2 and it works

I have no clue why this is happening.  I wiped any trace of network
stuff in /etc/mod*, rebuilt the initrd, and grepped under /etc for any
mention of eth0.  It even does this in single user mode.  No kernel
paramaters either, and I'm running the latest FC1 kernel from Legacy.

Any idea where else to look for this configuration?


Sean A. Walberg <sean at ertw.com>                 http://www.ertw.com

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