[RndTbl] optical RAM ?

Daryl F daryl at rainyday.ca
Wed Nov 16 22:08:25 CST 2005

schwartz wrote:
> I'd like the member's opinion on the credibility of
> Atom Chip Corp.'s claim to have developed optical
> RAM that employs holographic storage techniques.
> http://www.atomchip.com
> I had read years ago that IBM was looking into
> holographic methods for data storage, but a friend of
> mine pointed out that you'd need really deep-pockets
> to develop this kind of technology and he doubted a
> small outfit like Atom Chip could do it.
>    Linux's problem with SATA drivers made me think of this,
> because Atom Chip claims their notebook operates without
> a hard drive but with lots of optical RAM,
> and can run Linux or XP.
>     Does anyone know anything about Atom Chips's
> corporate status and the validity of their claims?
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I'd wait until some independent bodies actually verify their claims. The 
patents they mention for the Gendlin Effect do exists but it is a long 
way from a patent to cost-effect production of devices that work.

Googling and chasing the trail of Shimon Gendlin references indicates 
there are some questions to the ownership of the technology that *might* 
exist but I can't find a single person other than someone associated 
with Shimon Gendlin himself that can verify those chips aren't just a 
hoax or an multi-level marketing scheme.

There is a cute video about their solar chips: 

I just find it difficult to believe that any company that has the 
know-how for clean-room production of that kind of technology can't take 
better stills or is so ignorant of video production.

Regards, Daryl

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